Adoption Guidelines

Second Chance Pups has policies for approving adoptions. They are designed to ensure that each animal is placed with a responsible person prepared to make a lifelong commitment, and to avoid the kinds of problems that may have caused the animal to be brought to the shelter in the first place. An important part of the process is to match the life-style and needs of the adopter with the individual dog. If the screening process occasionally seems overly strict, try to remember that SCP’s first priority is to protect the animal’s best interests.


Adopter must be at least 21 years of age and have identification.

When adopting a pet from SCP, a legally binding and enforced contract must be filled out and signed.

In the event pets (dogs or cats) are currently owned by the applicant a veterinary reference must be provided.

All members of the household should be present for the visitation.

Adopter must be willing to allow a SCP representative to make an adoption follow up, either in person, e-mail or by telephone.

If at any time, you are unable to keep the pet, or unable to provide it with proper care, you must contact SCP first.

Adoption fees are non-refundable. SCP is a, non-profit organization. All funds go to help the animals.

Dog and Puppy Adoption Fees

Adult Dogs $225

Puppies 12 months and younger start at $300

Special Mix/Hybrid Dogs start at $300

SCP reserves the right to review adoption contracts on a case by case basis.

Having a companion animal brings rewards and responsibilities. Following your pet’s adoption, you will be responsible for making sure your pet is safe and for providing regular veterinary care. Be sure your dog has appropriate identification. Provide nutritious food and fresh water for your pet. Make time for exercise, training, and play.

Finally, enjoy your new life with your new loving companion.