10 years of making a difference inside and out…

Partnering with the Nebraska State Penitentiary, all Second Chance Pups dogs are trained to sit, stay, recall, lay down, heel, and respond to “no” and “leave it”. Dogs are leash trained, housebroken, basic obedience trained and socialized. All SCP dogs are current on vaccinations, receiving heartworm prevention, are groomed, crate trained and have been spayed or neutered. Most are even micro-chipped.

It’s a win-win-win situation for everyone involved. Second Chance Pups selects dogs from surrounding area shelters and rescues. Adoptable dogs, otherwise left to languish, become “canine good citizen” certified. This helps lessen the risk of being returned to a shelter for unwanted behavior. Inmates get a chance to learn skills and give back to society, and adoptive families get well trained, socialized, healthy dogs.

Are you able to give a dog a second chance?